• G-Force Dance Company is comprised of more than 20 dancers ages ranging from eight to 16 years old. This dedicated group is not only passionate about dance, but they also love learning and improving their skills...

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  • G-Force Dance Company’s non-profit status is the foundation for all of our activities, operations and overall philosophy. Funds raised throughout the year provide educational aid and performance opportunities for strengthening our dancers...

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G-Force Team News

Cool Laura

From time to time, the accomplishments and hard work of our dance team are mentioned in the media or rewarded at competitions.

This page is where we will take a quick minute to toot our own horn – just a little – and share the success of our student dancers with you. Be sure to check back regularly as the information on this page will grow as our team learns, develops and strives to be the best at their craft as possible. Below is the latest news, as well as highlights of our Competition and Convention experiences over the past few years.

2016-2017 G-Force Competition Team Auditions Announced

Want to be part of an amazing performance and competition dance team? Auditions are coming up. Plan to attend the AFPA Auditions for both the Performance Company and Competition teams on Sunday, May 15, 2016. Click here for an informational flyer.


Hollywood Connection 2015 Results

We had 11 students selected for a private audition with The Movement Talent Agency! 

  • Ali received a single convention scholarship.
  • Reece and Campbell received year long scholarships.
  • Maya received a National Finals Scholarship.

In the Junior room we had their Icon overall dancer of the weekend going to Alexis, and the runner up going to Maddie!

In the teen room we had four Icon runner ups: Meagan, Kamryn, Erica and Holly!

In the Senior room we also had four runner ups: Shannon, Sarah, Soraia and Laura — with the Senior Icon winner being Amanda! 

We had the overall highest scoring numbers in the Junior category (Funhouse), Teen Category (Get In), Senior category (Somebody Told Me) and the overall highest scoring number of the weekend was Rule! We took home $1,000 in cash prizes!


The Pulse Las Vegas December 2014

The Capital: Selected as Performance Standout receiving the Stage Presence Award

Kaela: Camp Pulse Scholarship for 2015-16 tour

Sam: $100 Leadership Scholarship to Pulse 2015-16 tour

Meagan: $100 off Convention to 2015-16 tour

Soraia: Summer 2015 Scholarship

Shannon: Summer 2015 Scholarship

Sarah: Summer 2015 Scholarship with Intensive Invite

Amanda: Summer 2015 Scholarship with Intensive Invite

Adaptive Force: Studio Spirit Award

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