• G-Force Dance Company is comprised of more than 20 dancers ages ranging from eight to 16 years old. This dedicated group is not only passionate about dance, but they also love learning and improving their skills...

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  • G-Force Dance Company’s non-profit status is the foundation for all of our activities, operations and overall philosophy. Funds raised throughout the year provide educational aid and performance opportunities for strengthening our dancers...

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  • To learn more about how you can assist with fundraising efforts or donate to our organization, please click on the Fundraising link at the top of the page...

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Gold Canyon Candle Sales



Each spring and fall the G-Force Dance Company sells Gold Canyon Candles. These popular candles make a great gift for yourself or for a friend. Every one loves Gold Canyon Candles and we’d love for you to buy your candles from us.

Fall 2017 we will be accepting orders for Gold Canyon Candles. Please send an email to info@old.gforcedanceco.com for more information or to place an order.

One size – the 16 oz candle – is available for only $20.

These candles are long lasting, clean burning, and the strong fragrances will freshen multiple rooms in your home.

Activities & Events


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